Progressive Rock Project By MAXSEL

In Arabic, ''ruh'' (روح) translates to ''spirit'' or ''soul'' It is often used to refer to the spiritual essence of a person.

Introducing "Awakening,"

a truly dynamic and transformative music album crafted with passion and purpose.

This progressive rock masterpiece takes listeners on an evocative journey through the intricate landscapes of the mind, delving deep into the realm of mental and psychological struggles.

Through a captivating fusion of empowering lyrics and emotionally charged melodies, "Awakening" emerges as a powerful anthem of resilience and self-discovery. Each track unveils a story, a testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity and rise above the challenges that life presents.

With profound introspection and artistic prowess, the album seeks to touch the hearts and souls of its audience. It tackles themes such as anxiety, depression, and existential dilemmas, employing music as a means of catharsis and healing.

Prepare to be engrossed in a sonic experience that celebrates the journey of self-empowerment. "Awakening" not only offers solace to those struggling with their inner demons but also invites listeners to embrace their own strength and embark on a personal transformation.

RuhRiot's ''Awakening'' music, lyrics and concept are completely written, composed, arranged and produced by MAXSEL

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