''THE AWAKENING'' in the making..

Do you enjoy Hard rock/metal music ? 

Hi my name Maxsel 
I'm a music composer and producer.

So the initial though is.. when you deal with depression, and you know life hasn't been the sweetest, what do you do then!?

The first day of the lockdown I started working on this project (gotta keep myself busy right!) this music album as a project is a dedication to all the people who struggle with mental issues. Its personal, emotional and very reflective.

The idea is to help shed more light on the subject and help lifting some spirits higher.
I have written lyrics and composed music that express the complexity of different emotions both sonically and melodically. Especially, if you're into rock and underground music.

The writing and compositional style is expressive and reflective. It carry a positive message, and wide blend of musical styles and genres.

The album is now in the mixing/mastering stages and some music will be released soon. 

If you're interested in following up on this project then I encourage you to sign up to the news letter, or hit a follow on my social media.


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